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Recent thoughts from Pastor Paul

I must confess that I’m not very good at keeping this post up to date. I am sorry. The reality is that it’s only one of the many issues I need to confess. If you’ve got a few hours, we can sit and talk about some of the others.

We all have “issues.” No one is exempt. I probably learned this best as I was going through my counseling education. There I was, sitting with a bunch of people hoping to obtain a master’s degree in counseling, and they all had some pretty serious issues. These future counselors needed counseling themselves. Did you like how I just said “they” had issues? I noticed that too. Many years ago. When I recognized I was ignoring my issues is when I began to be able to deal with those issues.

We call them faults or issues or imperfections, but the best word to use is sins. We do sin. Each and every one of us. There is no avoiding it. Call them what you want, but they are personal and intimate attacks on a God who loves us. That is the reality of sin.

But God loves us so much that he couldn’t allow us to die without stepping in to save us. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ to the earth to save us from our issues. From our sins. He wouldn’t stand by and allow our sin to send us to eternal punishment in hell, but he placed that sin on the shoulders of Jesus so that we could have the confidence of eternal life through faith in Jesus.

As you and I struggle to deal with our issues and our sins, may God give us the courage to come to grips with them and the joy of knowing that those sins are forgiven.

Pastor Paul

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