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Church Boards

Zion Lutheran Church is a Christian congregation established for the express purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through witness, worship, and discipleship. Together, the members of the congregation serve to further the kingdom of Christ here on earth. Our leadership is headed by the Church Administrative Board (CAB) with other boards reporting to it. We are regularly seeking new individuals willing to serve in a variety of areas.

The Church Administrative Board (CAB) is composed of seven voting members elected from the congregation and the called pastor of the congregation.

The current elected officers of CAB are:

David Powers – Chair

Ed Barry – Vice-Chair

Cheryl Fox

Bob Katt

Rhonda Kuehn

Al Story

Jim Tacey


The five member team of the Administrative Board of Elders (ABE) along with the pastor are tasked with oversight of worship and spiritual care of our members.

There are currently five men on ABE:
Justin Ebel – Chair

Dan Bebow

David Burk

Skip Randall

Brian Reinhardt

We also have a number of Serving Elders who assist before, during, and after worship, but who are not a part of the administrative team.

Our current Serving Elders are:

Doug Bolzman

Ken Corrion

Dan Engelhardt

Bob Fischer

Al Fox

Dave Fraser

Don Haiderer

Bob Katt

Scott Lebsack

Kevin Lisk

Tom Oleniacz

Brian Reinhardt

Scott Srebinski

Jim Tacey

Ken Thomas

George Walker

Bill Wright

The Day School Board is the decision making group for our Lutheran school and works intimately with our principal, Jan Laroque. The board is comprised of:

Kyle Jankens – Chair

Doug Bolzman

Holly Essex

Joy Krueger

Lisa Maillette


The Board of Finance is concerned with the overall financial well-being of Zion Lutheran Church and School and is headed by Lori Ruthruff.

The Board of Properties is responsible for all properties of our church and school and for their proper maintenance and custodial care. 

Our Christian Community group works to bring the people of Zion Lutheran Church together for service and fellowship.

Our current members are:

Tammy Fox

Sue Oleniacz

Alana Rabedioux